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The Walrus, The Guppy Fish and the Dragon: 1 - 10 by diana-hnd
The Walrus, The Guppy Fish and the Dragon: 1 - 10
The Walrus, the Guppy Fish & the Dragon: 1 - 10

Some of you would remember the Walrus, the Guppy Fish and the Dragon.
The girl was originally from my now-defunct Heroes Never Die webcomic, who fits here better.

I felt that there was some potential for this combination of characters. But for some reason, I just couldn't get the story through. Worse, I had issues with motivation and time-management; I didn't have the necessary ideas or spirit to make a graphic novel for this one.

It was only much later that I would then be exposed to the simple and light-hearted approach of the short comic strips format, like No Pink Ponies (fun comic by the way, give it a read). I felt that maybe, just maybe, I could devote a short time and small ideas, one at a time, for this one.

I've somehow managed to get 10 strips out now. Looks like there's hope. Whoo!

So yeah. The main site for the comic would be in Tumblr, right here: walrus-guppy-fish-dragon.tumbl… , and I'll (try to) update it every Monday.

I will still upload 10 parts at a go here in dA. But if you want to see the weekly comic strips earlier, go to the Tumblr page. ;)

Wish me luck in continuing this, and thanks for reading so far!

The Walrus, Guppy Fish, the Dragon, and the floundering girl belong to me.
Art galleries were something that I had wanted to go to. It just so happened there is one such gallery in the Suria KLCC shopping centre, that being the Petronas Gallery. They hold exhibitions of different themes for several months, so there's always going to be something new there. The first time I went there, the exhibition was "The City. Becoming and Decaying". I thought I'd actually be bored, but for some odd reason, I actually felt compelled to spend hours there, fully appreciating each of the pictures displayed there.

So a few days ago, I went there for the second time. I was surprised to see that we can actually take pictures (albeit via camera phones). Then I realized, why not show some of the paintings that made an impression, as well as my own interpretations (for the hell of it)? 

There were two exhibition this time. The "Maestro" exhibition had artworks and paintings from the 19th century, as well as American (post-war), Latin-American and Spanish artists; created by means of etching, xylography, lithography, screen printing and offset printing. 
The "Earthworks" were detailed ceramic works from Malaysian artists.

:star: Important note: I won't be showing -ALL- the paintings from that gallery. I'm only going to comment/display the pics that prompt my curiousity/reflections. Also, my camera phone is crappy and does not do much of the paintings the justice they deserve. If you're Malaysian, it's way better to go there and see it for yourself.

My first stop was the "Maestro" one. I was greeted by this below artwork. I can tell right from here that I'll be seeing more abstract-ish paintings like this one:
Dark invades by diana-hnd
No idea what language it was at the left. The guy here had three legs. Possibly to emphasize that he's running for it?

Taste of vaccuum by diana-hnd

"The Taste of the Vacuum". Um. Paintings like this make me wonder as to why it really should be showcased in a gallery at all.
But then again, isn't art something that should be understood by those who can? Just because I cannot understand it, doesn't mean it doesn't have its own unique value or interpretation.
Also, it's important to note that despite its appearance, I felt compelled to share it anyway! Makes me wonder if the artist used a vacuum cleaner for this thing? ;P

Cologne Cathedral by diana-hnd

"Cologne Cathedral" was awesome! This has diamond dust on it, so it gets sparkly when you look at it in different angles.

Circles painting by Salvador Victoria by diana-hndFour and Eat by diana-hnd

Next up is this series of 'circle' themed artworks. This  Salvador Victoria really loves the circles. It was still interesting; the simplest of themes with variations of other elements makes for some impressive array of paintings there.

 Image of Paradise & Paradise Lost by diana-hnd
I had to share these two "Paradise" pics side by side. They are very likely from the Genesis chapter of the Christian bible, as it involves the apple, which could likely symbolize the forbidden fruit.
In "Image of Paradise", the whole thing is all blue... except for that ominous red apple. Then in "Paradise Lost", we see a lot more colours involved. 
What I think of these two? When things are perfect, unspoiled, everything 'feels' the same... except for that one great temptation of the red apple. Humanity has always been drawn to the one thing that stands out when all other things feel the same. Only when paradise is lost, then we began to see the comparisons that stood out on its own. 
Perhaps it may be that in the world of imperfection, we are able to distinguish what's truly beautiful or unique. Hmm.

Weird Double S paintings by diana-hnd

Another 'simple' theme series of painting. How should I call this, a double 'S'? Or a strange 'W'? Either way, it again shows that with a seemingly simple base, you could go places with it in terms of creativity.

Untitled Oil Painting on Corrugated Cardboard by diana-hnd

Another artwork in which I wonder why it should be in the art gallery. The description said it was "Oil Painting on corrugated cardboard". It's not obvious from here, but when I took a closer look, it looked as though a piece of cardboard was torn up, with some parts painted on, and then reassembled back.

Praying by diana-hnd

This one was really strange; it was titled "Praying". I thought that maybe it could have been a silhouette of a person praying, but I really cannot make out of it.

Geometry by diana-hnd
There was a series of "geometric" kind of art by Jose Maria Yturralde. My favourite in the gallery! It looked like something you could easily whip up from Photoshop, but it's not. Don't let the simplicity fool you. The shapes may appear to be simple, but the placement of the colours makes you question just what is up or down, what is in or out. Deceptively simple, but not easily done.

Art-Jaume Plensa by diana-hnd

This was a series of words arranged in a circle. The central theme? Art. The few words I could make out (without having to crane my head) was Cold, Frigid, Crazy, Hot, etc, and then there was the horoscope stars mentioned there. As though all elements originate from Art.

Tribute to Joan Miro by diana-hnd

I have a soft spot for this seemingly simple artwork. What really is the colour of this painting? Is it just the black? Or could the white parts be included as part of the painting too, hrmm? :P
I suppose Joan Miro's artworks was focused in the same theme or method of this one. 

When I took a photo of its description, I found out that there was more to the tribute artwork than just the artwork;

Tribute to Joan Miro-Spider by diana-hnd

AAAHHH. Mr. Art Curator, is the giant-ass spider part of the exhibition too?!!! Good thing I don't freak out easily at the sight of spiders, but my gawd, what a huge bugger!

Dance by diana-hnd

Even though it was with limited colour palette of gray/black/white, I could tell that it revolved around a very lively dancing scene at the outdoors. A time for people to clap according to the beat, with guitars behind them.

Loneliness by diana-hnd

Appropriately titled "Loneliness" here. I was attracted to this painting because it made me take a closer look to its shading/texture. 

The Long Walk-series by diana-hnd

This series of painting made me feel joyful! Lookit those rainbow colours, eee! :D
Titled as "The Long Walk" series, it's consistent array of rainbow colours, arranged in different curves and lines. 
Here's a closer look at my favourite painting in that series;
The Long Walk-painting by diana-hnd

I really don't know how Julio got those colour lines to be so... symmetrical-ish? So even, so curvy, and so pretty.
Now that I think about it, I guess that's how a Long Walk should be. Long, winding, but there's beauty to be seen around you.

Girl in cage by diana-hnd

I did a double-take when I saw the description of this painting. "The Girl IN the cage"? But she's holding the cage!
My mind raced to a possible explanation; the girl's attire could be hinting at an older time. Perhaps it's to show the irony, that despite how the birds are shown in the cage, the girl's lifestyle and the oppressive expectations placed onto her makes her more 'caged up' than the birds?
And then later on, as I googled, it looks like they might have made a typo error, as it is likely to be titled as "The Girl WITH the cage". So much for my explanation! ^^;

Fernando Botero by diana-hnd
Another pair of paintings from the same artist that I felt compelled to show together.
"In the workshop" shows the artist's figure a lot more bigger than the model seated there. In such a setting, the artist is the central subject of the painting, as it is his idea or inspiration that brought them there, working towards the painting that he will complete.
Then there's "The Bathroom". It's obviously the same model from the first pic, with that body type and the hand over the back of her head. There is a shy of a reflection of the girl's expression from the mirror.
According to the unfair notions of society's beauty standards, she may consider herself as 'pretty'. But after modelling for a painting, could it be that she can now look at herself with different eyes, and be able to appreciate the beauty that only she herself possesses?

Explosion by diana-hnd

When I saw this, all I could think of is "ALIEN INVASIONS AND EXPLOSIONS!!!!" :XD:

Jordi Teixidor-painting series by diana-hnd

Yet another series of artworks that I don't quite understand. Just not my type, I suppose.

Tinoca Sky by diana-hnd

Reminds of the birds that fly in formation during a bird migration.

Lindstrom-1 by diana-hndLindstrom-2 by diana-hndLindstrom-3 by diana-hnd

A series of paintings by Bengt Lindstrom. I know they're supposed to be abstract, but there's just no getting over the fact that there are some angry faces in there. ^^;

Hands by diana-hnd

Looks like the hands from the painting made those finger-dragging effects there. Eery!

Next up, the "Earthworks" exhibition from my fellow Malaysian artist folks.
Did I mention that this featured ceramic works? Take a look at this.

Remembrance by diana-hnd

Those are actually crafted from ceramic. Like whoa, what? Looks convincingly leather-stuff!

Oren-1 by diana-hndOren-2 by diana-hnd

Good gosh. Lots and lots of bottles, to evoke the nostalgia of the old famous drink back in villages. Oh look, some broken bottle pieces-WAIT. To make those bottles only to smash 'em... AAAH. D8

But wait. That's not just the crazy one. Lookit this;

Shoes1 by diana-hndShoes2 by diana-hnd

SHOES. Lots and lots of crafted ceramic school SHOES. Each of them are in the crafted likeness of them. EACH OF THEM.
Oh my gosh, I don't even-?! I don't even dare to think of the time it takes to make 'em all....
Portrait by diana-hnd
A series of 'potraits', crafted into life-like busts.
The first one reminds me of how my late aunts would laugh heartily. 
The second one made me think he was saying, " 'Sup, bro?" :XD:
The third one had "Percuma" on his forehead, which is Malay for "Free".
The fourth... looks like he got tired of being gawked at by passers-by like me. Moving on!

Coconut Scrape by diana-hndCoconut Scrape-2 by diana-hnd

All about coconuts! If I didn't know it was merely crafted, I would have thought them real.

And last but not least... Seafood.
Seafood1 by diana-hnd
Crafted ceramic of seafood likeness.


Seafood3 by diana-hndSeafood2 by diana-hnd


Seafood4 by diana-hnd

OF SEAFOOD. Holy criiiiiiipes! All of them, made from ceramic! @_@;;;; I don't even-

And that was the last of the artworks and sculptures that was featured from the Petronas Gallery. It has been a fun trip for me, at least!
And really, if you're Malaysian, you really should go to the Petronas Gallery in Suria KLCC shopping mall. My camera just doesn't do them justice. Nothing beats seeing them for yourself, anyhoo! ;)

If you've read the whole post here, you've earned yourself a digital cookie. :cookie: Thank ye muchly! :heart:
Let's hope they'll allow camera phones in the next exhibition.
The Family under Dorian Gray's leadership by diana-hnd
The Family under Dorian Gray's leadership
The general reference sheet of some of the Family members, led by Dorian Gray.

:star: Detailed reference sheet on Dorian Gray:…

The "Family" are a group of people that Dorian Gray can fully trust. He would go all the way to save a fellow Family member from peril if possible.

Likewise, the Family would sooner die than betray Dorian and the other members. Most of them believe in Dorian's goal to change the world and work towards helping him to be the next Sovereign. Others are loyal to him for more personal reasons.

Most of the fighting members are "altered" by Dorian to enchance existing abilities, or gain new ones.
Some of them would alternately accompany him as his guards, and some would be mostly preoccupied with their own tasks.

At the moment, the above are the existing Family members (that I can come up with at this moment);
:bulletgreen: Devon Shire (Alteration status - Unknown):
Dorian's assistant. He helps keep track on all of Dorian's plans and affairs, and assists with the administrations where possible. Combat abilities, not known. Accompanies Dorian Gray most of the time.

:bulletpurple: Erme (Alteration status - None):
A strange half-spirit being that takes on the permanent form of a little girl. Able to phase into a spirit form or into solid form. More details about her here:…
Does not accompany Dorian Gray all the time, but it's likely she does most of the following in her spirit form. Because he sees her more like a little sister, he (tries to) discourage her from getting involved in combat.

:bulletyellow: Gloriana (Alteration status - None):
She's a War-Witch, a faction of the Magi race who specialize in offense magic. She leads her faction of the gangsters, concentrating on expanding in Belcazzar. Does not accompany Dorian Gray all the time, as she's busy leading her gangster faction.

:bulletblack: Luke (Alteration status - Substantial):
A human who specializes also on offense magic, his abilities were greatly enhanced by Dorian. A petty man who is jealous of Gloriana's well-earned achievements and frequently harps on her, mostly on her weight. He works closely with Lawrence; together they lead a faction of the gangsters as well. Does not accompany Dorian Gray all the time.

:bulletblue: Lawrence (Alteration status - None):
A Magi who works closely with Luke, and leads a faction of the gangsters with him. He specializes in support and hindrance magic, and complex spells. Does not accompany Dorian Gray all the time.

:bulletorange: Siren (Alteration status - Substantial):
A mute but powerful human psionic, has exceptionally powerful telekinesis, enhanced by Dorian. She is able to lift objects that are 10 times her weight, or apply the equivalent telekinesis force. While she alternately assists the gangster groups, she occasionally accompanies Dorian Gray.

:bulletred: Leila (Alteration status - Minor):
A martial-artist who has the mysterious ability to duplicate herself, up to ten copies. Her projected copies are tangible and will disappear only upon fatal injury or rendered unconscious. She carries as many light weapons possible for her copies to wield (usually via a big coat or bag), as she cannot duplicate tangible, workable copies of the weapons. Like Siren, she too helps moves between the gangster groups and sometimes accompany Dorian Gray.

:bulletgreen: Fungai (Alteration status - None):
A good-natured Warlock who previously worked in a mercenary unit. Excels in armed and unarmed combat, not to be taken likely. He joined Dorian's Family so that he can finally complete his college education and get his degree; something that he was denied due to the unfair notion that Warlocks are mere barbarians. When not called for active duty, he can be found at his tea shop. Accompanies Dorian Gray at alternate times.

Obviously there are more Family members. But these should do for now.

All the characters above belong to me.


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